Roero Arneis D.O.C.G.

19 novembre 2016
Roero Arneis D.O.C.G. 2015 " San Giuliano" - 0,75 l bottle. PREMIATO ALLA DOUJA D'OR

Roero Arneis comes from a long tradition of wine, forgotten for many years, but rediscovered in the last few decades, and recently given D.O.C.G recognition.
Our Arneis is produced from the grapes which grow on the Bricco San Giuliano, harvested and selected by hand. Vinified at a constant temperature in stainless steel vats until bottling.

Prizes and competitions.

Roero Arneis D.O.C.G. "Bricco San Giuliano".
32/a Douja d'Or di Asti - Annata 2003.
34/a Douja d'Or di Asti - Annata 2005.
35/a Douja d'Or di Asti - Annata 2006.

Arneis (pure). Vinified and fined tune in steel.

A careful cultivation in vineyard affords not to use chemicals. All the production is obtained by property vineyards, in Canale d'Alba.

Bottle ageing.
Up to 3 years.

Analytical Characteristics.
Alcohol 13,5% vol.

Pale straw yellow colour with goldenish lights.

Flowery and fruity, with light notes of hawthorn, apple, pear and almond.

Warm, dry, smooth and fresh. Flavoursome, full-bodied and somewhat lingering.

Serving Temperature.
10°- 12° C.

To accompany starters and fish.

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