Cisterna d'Asti D.O.C. Superiore

19 novembre 2016
Cisterna d'Asti D.O.C. Superiore 2012-2013 "Bricco Martina" - 0,75 l bottle.

Recently given D.O.C recognition, Cisterna d’Asti comes from a long established tradition. The wine expresses the strong character of the region’s typical Croatina grapes from which it is obtained, in the intensity of its flavours and perfumes, which are balanced by lengthy clarification in oak barrels.

Croatina (pure). Clarified and stabilized in oak barrels.

A careful cultivation in vineyard affords not to use chemicals. All the production is obtained by property vineyards, in Cisterna d'Asti and Saint Damiano d'Asti.

Bottle ageing.
Until 8-10 years.

Analytical Characteristics.
Alcohol 13.0% vol.

Intense ruby red in colour, with garnet lights.

Floral, intensely fruity and vinous, with notes of cherry, plum and hints of almond.

Dry, warm and smooth. Sharp and quite tannic and spirited. Elegant structure and body.

Serving Temperature.
20°- 22° C.

To accompany red meat, game, hard cheeses.

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