Wedding in Vineyard


Wedding in Vineyard

Tenuta La Pergola, born in 1903, is one of the oldest and most award winning Piedmont wine cellars.

The Pergola Estate is the ideal location for a rich, sought-after style wedding but at the same time essential, not pompous, simple and noble as the grapes of this land.

Located at Cisterna d'Asti, near Alba, it is at the junction of three generous territories: Monferrato, Langhe and Roero, always the three most prestigious wine regions in Piedmont that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For this reason, its strategic importance is ancient history.

The Castle of the city was built as a fortress in the Middle Ages, and then became an ingenious transformation into an elegant residence, today it dominates the vineyards as an attentive guardian, almost guarding and protecting their grapes and those who transform them in love and wisdom into precious wines.

It is a precious frame of the Museum of Arts and Crafts of the past, if not the same noble residence, in whose salt and cellars the farm equipment of the sixteenth century served to recreate old craft shops.

'Tenuta La Pergola' offers rich typical Piedmontese menus to celebrate unforgettable events, tasting a careful selection of award-winning Italian and international wines: in addition, the opportunity to visit the cellars of the cellar, vineyards with l 'Ancient ciabòt covering an overall surface of over 40 hectares, and staying in modern mini apartments and rooms in the ancient structure, adjacent to' Tenuta La Pergola ', which houses a comfortable farmhouse.