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Residuo Zero®

2 dicembre 2016
Food is one of the basis for our health.
The German philosopher Feuerbach stated that “we are what we eat”, an intuition that today is strengthened more than ever by scientific studies and it has been assimilated by consumers.
Of course, but what do we eat? And, more, what do we drink?
The Residuo Zero® project is born on these bases. It started in 2009 with an experiment on the field made by a group of Piedmontese vine-growers in the territory near Asti.
This experience went on through a large number of check tests and the result are some technical specifications to be followed thanks to the collaboration of agronomists specialized in this field.The regulations are based on the attention to climate and environment which condition the land: every intervention on cultivations must conform to the above evaluation in order to hit the target.
Following this process since the beginning the interventions can be reduced and, as a second step, it is possible to eliminate completely the chemical residues in the finished product.
The results in the production chain are so satisfying that they also encourage future researches in more food spheres.
The wines with the trademark Residuo Zero®are certified by strict laboratory analyses which you can have if you send us the lot number written on the bottle: this allows us to trace all the characteristics of the wine.
But this small – big revolution could not stop here. The range of the products with no chemical residues is widening and next year we foresee to introduce white, rosé and sparkling wines.
Without chemical additives, without compromises.
The trademark Residuo Zero® is registered in EEC.
Fill-in the form to ask for information mentioning your Visus, Barbera d’Asti D.O.C.G. without chemical residues, lot number to receive the laboratory analyses.

Barbera D’Asti D.O.C.G. Visus Residuo Zero®
This wine is crystalline, consistent, its color is dark ruby red, its perfume is intense, complex, fine, rich in fruity notes, particularly soft fruits and plum jam with a scent of butter, nuts and vanilla. It has to be drunk in wide goblets in order to allow a good oxygenation and a perfect emanation of perfumes at a temperature of 18-20°C. It is a warm, soft, quite tannic wine with a good structure, it is perfect with Barbera rice, veal meat, glazed capon with chestnuts and fillet with mushrooms. Visus is ideal to be drunk with sliced pork salted meat of any kind, cheese, appetizers and snacks.

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