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Barbera of Asti and Superior Barbera of Asti

8 giugno 2018
When we talk about the most cultivated grape variety in Piedmont, which only in the province of Alessandria and Asti reaches more than 5000 hectares of vineyards, which in addition to being in the history of this region (and not only) is also in the hearts of many fans and producers, we must proceed with leaden feet. First thing to do is to have an adequate number of wines in tasting and this was possible thanks to the Consortium Barbera d'Asti (a special thanks to Daniele Becchi) who sent us almost 140 wines to taste, divided in almost equal parts between Barbera d'Asti and Barbera d'Asti Superiore. A corollary of these twenty samples of Nice, of which we will speak separately. The second is to taste them by dedicating a lot, a lot of time.

In reality there is much more difference between the two wines. The first is a fresh wine, almost never passed in wood, which is based on the fruit and the basic characteristics of the vine: medium body, important acidity, few tannins and almost never pungent. The second is a "big brother" to whom the use of homeopathic wood (large or small) is not supposed to confer those tannins that the vine does not have in large quantities, together with the power and possibility of aging.

We are therefore faced on the one hand by a young wine to be consumed within two to four years and on the other by a medium-long aging wine which should not be consumed preferably before two or three years.
A characteristic that unites them instead is the great qualitative improvement of the name: if until a few years ago they met quite easily Barbera d'Asti not exactly clear from the olfactory point of view today this problem is practically non-existent, returned to normal parameters of any important name.

With about 70 wines by type you can also make mediums on which to reason: here you are the "average star" of the two wines, which sees the Barbera d'Asti slightly exceed the "Brother Superior".
2.42 vs. 2.38 means substantial draw but since we are talking about wines with final characteristics and different prices, in the end for us the "simple" Barbera d'Asti beats even the size of the Superiore.

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