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Beauty: here is the anti-age cream that comes from the grape!

Interview with Alessandra Bodda, a famous wine businesswoman who tells birth and benefits of her face creams extracted from grapes.

Pink quotas always make the difference. Even in wine. Alessandra Bodda, 50, from Turin, is one of the most famous Italian enoque entrepreneurs. A passion for screws and vineyards, passed down by his grandfather, who founded Tenuta La Pergola (which he has been in the lead for over twenty years), in the province of Asti, in 1903. Over a century of history, Prizes and prizes for the bottles of the historic Piedmont cellar, cited on all the major Italian food & wine guides. Alessandra Bodda is a vanguardist: he was the first producer to sell #vino in complementary currency, guaranteeing the circulation of goods and the development of his turnover, thus preserving precious jobs, through a modern barter between useful businesses In periods of absence of liquidity.

Today she has also been able to design the first line of natural cosmetics in Italy, based on ... grapes. And the "Tenuta La Pargola" is also due to the creation of an excellent Italian wine, the 'Cisterna D'Asti'. In the interview, Alessandra Bodda tells us how the wine and its scraps, the grapes, can be reused to create a high quality facial cream!

Famous wine entrepreneur and now also producer of #Bellezza creams inspired by his own main product, wine. How did this idea come from?

As a company, we already try to reduce the chemicals in the vineyard and also in the cellar and the scrap of wines, the marc, we try to use them as much as possible. The grapes are extracted from the press and can still be used because they still have potential.

Some pomace we use to make grappas, and with some of the pomace we do not use for them, the crochet, we have discovered through a com   dettaglio