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At our Estate you can book guided tours of the winery with tastings of Piedmontese wines produced by us with zero residues, grappa, passito. In combination we offer traditional Piedmontese dishes with samples of cured meats, cheeses and baked goods, taking up the Piedmontese tradition of Merenda Sinora.

We have various types of proposals to meet the most greedy needs:

"Light" wine tasting: guided tour, tasting of 3 wines and 1 grappa, accompanied by baked products.
"Delicious" wine tasting: guided tour, tasting of 4 wines and 2 grappa at the table accompanied by a chopping board of typical local products.
"Gourmet" wine tasting: guided tour, tasting of 4 wines and 2 grappa accompanied by a small menu with an appetizer, a first course, dessert.
Wine tasting "Emotion": guided tour, tasting of 5 wines and 2 grappas accompanied by a menu with an appetizer, a first course, a second course with side dish, dessert.

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The high quality of the wines is guaranteed by the carefully selected vines, each cultivated in a specific geographical area. From the secrets of such a generous land and from passion and love for the vine, the precious La Pergola wines are born: sought after by sommeliers, critics and simple lovers of every continent. As? Thanks to the traditional care in all stages of processing, combined with the collaboration of renowned winemakers and winemakers, and the use of modern equipment that respects the centenary tradition of Tenuta la Pergola. The position of the land is also a factor of fundamental importance for the quality of the wine: our vineyards are all on hills well exposed to the sun, where there is a strong presence of elements such as sand, clay, limestone and natural minerals , which fertilize the grapes of the unique Piemontese triangle, located between the three most appreciated wine regions in Italy.

Tenuta La Pergola, in collaboration with offers a bike rental service and cycling equipment for those who want to take a ride in the Langhe or in the Monferrato, and does not have the possibility to bring their own bicycle (or not there It has).
In addition to the simple rental, we also provide a number of additional services, such as the accompanying bike or van, which will follow along the path you intend to follow, so you can be present in any eventuality.

Wine Tour at the La Pergola Farm

Wine Tour at the La Pergola Farm
During the visit to our vineyards we will travel together all the salient phases of the agronomic, phenological and biological cycle.
Then we will move to the majestic Tenuta della Tenuta where Emanuele will discover the chemical-physical and microbiological processes necessary for our quality productions. We will continue the journey in the sensorial tasting room to grasp and better understand the organoleptic complexity of our wines.
The visit will end with a food / wine pairing tasting that will delight your palate or spirit.
All topics will be dealt with directly in the vineyard / cellar

THE IDEAL GIFT: Guided tour of the vineyards and the cellar production

Wines and typical products of our production tasting

La Pergola is pleased to invite you in the cellar for a day among flavors and scents of the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero.
During the visit of the estate you can taste wines and typical products of our production.

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