Harvest Open Cellar 2019

Every weekend from September 14th to the end of October

27 agosto 2019
Visits to the estate to see for yourself how the harvest works, from the vineyard to the cellar ..
Possibility of overnight stay at our Bed & Breakfast for a 360 ░ experience in the Terre Alfieri area

See you at 10.30 for tasting
at 12.30 for lunch
and at 15.00 for the visit to the vineyards and cellar with tasting
Different types of tasting:
Salami or Cheese Cutting board with 4 wines
Salami or Cheese Cutting board + plate with 5 wines
Appetizer tasting menu + first or second course + dessert with 3 wines pairing
Appetizer tasting menu + first course + second course + dessert with 4 wines pairing