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A pleasant way to get to know the Piedmontese wines of Roero and Monferrato and their combinations with Gastronomy
Guided tour of the Regione Caso 30, Frazione San Matteo, Cisterna d'Asti, into the vineyards and the into the winemaking and aging cellars. Guided tasting presented directly by the Bodda family, with detailed description of the company, the processing methods of the vines and the production of various wines, from winemaking to bottling, of the various combinations of each wine with the Piedmontese cuisine. The wines are accompanied by cheeses and typical cured meat of our region. Tastings are carried out in Italian (or on request in German, English or French) and in L.I.S. (sign language for the deaf). A documentation on the presented wines is available to guests.
The duration of the tasting can vary according to the guests' interest. Possibility to purchase company products at a 15% discount.

-Wine tasting "Light": visit, stand up tasting of 3 wines and 1 grappa with bakery products
-Wine tasting "Delicious": visit, stand up tasting of 6 wines, 1 Passito and 1 grappa with bakery products
For group of 7 people or more, or during the opening door weekend events:
-Wine tasting "Gourmet": visit, stand up tasting of 4 wines and 1 grappa with little menù 3 dishes.
-Wine tasting "Emotion": visit, stand up tasting of 3 wines and 1 grappa with complete menù of 4 dishes.

Tasting 1 WINE combined with typical dish of Piedmontese tradition to choose between:

- raw fassone meat beaten with a knife
- vitello tonnato
- green and red fresh cheese tomini
- bagna caoda / freida with seasonal vegetables
- Smoked turkey with hazelnut and pistachio sauce
- vegetables from the vegetable garden
- fresh pasta with sauces of the day
- smoked ricotta with grape must
- panna cotta
- homemade cakes

bread, focaccia, cured meat, local cheeses
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